Gamma Bros Beta v.0.9.1

Hello again world! It’s been a little while, but I have great news to report. We’ve released Gamma Bros Beta v0.9.1to our beta testers, and they are hard at work playing and giving us their thoughts, letting us know if they spot any bugs. So far so good! There have been some good suggestions so far and we’ll probably add a few to the game. So, it looks like we’re on track to release Gamma Bros v1.0 in very early May, for all the retro-loving world to enjoy! woohoo! we’ve worked ourselves silly for almost a year to bring this game to you (and us too.. we enjoy playing it a whole lot). We’re working hard on finishing the game, adding the ending animations and other things at present, so I’ll keep todays blog short. please email any questions to Miles and I are enjoying the way gmail keeps track of and organizes emails. I’d recommend it to anyone looking for a web-based email address. In future blogs I’m going to be adding about the following: – A link to the finished Gamma Bros game! (FREE, for all to play and enjoy). – some background on the storyline of the Gamma Bros. – images, screenshots, and some movie files that will show some of the space-shooting action from the game. Maybe some candid photos of the Bros. – links to Gamma Bros stuff. t-shirts, mousepads, and whatever else might be fun to make and offer. – other news and info. – surprises! We’ve got many ideas for future games we’d like to work on, but most of that we’ll be keeping quiet until we’re getting closer to releasing any of them. Oh how I want to tell you and show images… It’s all very exciting. For now, if you’re interested in becoming a beta tester, you can email us at There’s still time and we’ll consider it. Take a look at older blogs to see some screens from Gamma Bros, to get an idea if it’s a game you might enjoy. that’s all for today. Have a great week! RichFacebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmailFacebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail

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