Mountain Maniac Xmas

Mountain Maniac Mall Santa

Mountain Maniac has blown a fuse again! This time while enduring his sentence of community service as a mall Santa (paying his dues for crimes committed against all humanity and mountainsides in his previous game), Mountain Maniac realized he’s been saving up his rage all year for just one thing: Santa Claus.

Mounta Maniac Xmas Title Screen

After quickly making his way to the North Pole, Mountain Maniac now wrecks havoc atop an advent calendar of mountain bound Christmas treasures in Mountain Maniac Xmas. Guide him as he pounds boulders down the mountainside to destroy all things precious to good ol’ Saint Nick. In four more levels than the first Mountain Maniac game, demolish candied gingerbread houses, gift boxes full of children’s toys, elves in toboggans and unsuspecting polar bear cubs. Launch destruction with the help of jack-in-the-boxes, warp tunnels, and larger TNT explosions! Enjoy exciting bonus round action and avoid the bigger and badder North Pole Yeti! Head over to Adult Swim Games now to play Mountain Maniac Xmas and bring forth a new kind of Christmas miracle this year by forcing Santa to rue the day he ever found his toy making sweatshop and guaranteeing a hefty amount of coal in Mountain Maniac’s stocking. Merry raging!Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmailFacebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail

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