Dino Run SE is now available!

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Dino_Princess_x6Strap on those raptor feet, grab your hat and get ready to out run doom all over again in the new version of our classic prehistoric racing game, Dino Run SE! Available for download on Mac, PC, and Linux, Dino Run SE includes all the raptor running fun you had in the original along with plenty of exclusive new features and improvements.

A mere $3 bucks (or clams, or bones) will get you Dino Run SE delivered straight to your desktop and out of the browser which will give you a smoother and faster gameplay experience, a fancy fullscreen mode, and multiplayer servers exclusive to SE players only. Dino Run SE is also jam packed with all sorts of new goodies, including:


Dino_MopheusHelm_x6Every purchase also comes with the full Dino Run soundtrack by chiptune musician Mark DeNardo, and will directly support Pixeljam Games in completing our upcoming games in progress which include Dino Run iPhone, Gamma Bros 2 and Glorkian Warrior!

So ride that doom wave on over to the Pixeljam site and pick up Dino Run SE today!

Side Note: A huge thanks to all of our beta testers who helped test Dino Run SE, and to all our fans on Facebook for their suggestions and enthusiasm! For those of you interested in helping us test our games in the future, sign up here. And for those of you who want to like us on Facebook, head here!


Unlock and wear the Glorkian Warrior hat and play everything upside down!

(Hint: Find our little green Buddy in a lava cave..)



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Dino Run

Hello all!  A big Dino Run related post here… Dino Run SE Dino Run SE This is an expansion / improvement of the web version. You dont need a browser to play it, it runs full-screen very smooth (we redid the rendering code), and we’ve added new speedruns, multiplayer maps, a new game mode (Planet D), new music, plus lots of new hats and colors. The official launch is in a week or two. The actual game is done, but we are spending some time setting up other things related to the game (like the info pages and shop, etc). —————– iPhone version: this is still coming along, and  as everyone can tell, it’s taking a long time.  There’s no release date, as we need to make sure it’s as good as it can be, so we won’t rush it.  It’s a completely new game, with new physics, new terrain, almost new everything! That’s it for now… thanks for reading!Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmailFacebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail

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