Pixeljam Comics!

Froggy Eats

At long last, Pixeljam Comics exist!  I (Rich) have been wanting to make these for years & am really enjoying it so far.

So far we plan to release one every week on our Pixeljam tumblr & Facebook page & our blog here.

These are meant to be Pretttty minimal, so I can’t guarantee that they will offer any deep meaning, significant messages, plots, big laughs, topical content, or have any point to them whatsoever, but I think what’s most important here is that we are having fun, & our various characters don’t have to wait for us to make more games to exist.  🙂

The one here, titled “Froggy Eats”, is the first one we released about 3 weeks ago. They may not all have titles. We’ve put up 3 of them so far & I’ll post the next two in their own blog posts here.

Here’s a sketch of this one’s original inception..

Froggy Eats Sketch

And just for fun, here are a few sketches of ones that may or may not make it to final comic form. (they may be a bit too complex for the minimal style I’d like to stick with for now).


– – – – – – – –

pjComicSketch23_amusementPark_350– – – – – – – –

PixeljamComic01RockShow_500– – – – – – – –

Star Wars Sketch