Potatoman Fan Art

Fan Art from Potatoman? Why yes don’t mind if we do.

Our collective of fans new and old have produced some interesting Potatoman art for us. Potatoman is such a simple character it’s easy for anyone to reimagine him as any sort of potato-person they could ever desire. It brings to mind a concept introduced to me by Scott McCloud in Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art: that through abstraction a character can describe more possibilities of people. You may not be able to imagine yourself as a potato, but perhaps you can relate to our little spud a little easier as forty or fifty pixels.

That’s one of the facets that makes pixel art so lovable to us. Enough with the high concepts of non-realism and pixel abstraction; our fans imagined and reimagined Potatoman in different situations and depths of being. Enjoy!

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