It’s a Dino party!

This Dino Run scene was made in honor of our top contributor of the recent Pixeljam Octology pay-what-you-want sale, who secured the #1 position with a very generous $450 contribution! 😀

The top contributor was *actually* a group effort of 8 very special Dino Run multiplayer moderators, wizards & and players. Their customized Dino Run SE dinos are all here. From left to right their Dino Run multiplayer names are: Sargesteve, BadDino the Wizard, DerangedCoffee, 02Zim, Legonro, DakotaJacobs, Shylosaur & WeekendMovie.

Super-mega-thanks again everyone! We really appreciate your support and it’s also great that you all will get to share the rewards and prizes for making the top position.

Thanks also to the rest of the top 10 highest contributors, and to everyone else that bought the bundle as well!

<3 Rich

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