Dino Run 2 Fan Art Contest – Dinosaur Fan Art!

Dinosaur Fan Art for your faces folks! Here’s a gallery with all the fantastic images from our Dino Run 2 Art Contest. We had tons of entries from our talented fans! We featured some of the winners in an update to the Kickstarter Project here.

For all those folks that entered we gave away an amazing desktop wallpaper in various digitally mind-blowing sizes. Stay tuned and perhaps you too can download this amazing artwork Jeffrey created for these folks from our Dino Run 2 image archive.

Check our fan art page for more awesome fan art.


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The Dino Run 2 Kickstarter

It’s live!!: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/pixeljam/dino-run-2

Yes, it’s true! Dino Run 2, the collossal sequel to our beloved classic Dino Run, is ready to exist and you can be part of making that happen!

Not only that, but you can enjoy a wide variety of sweet rewards while you’re at it. We’ve got all sorts of Dino-tastic stuff for you, and even some great early-bird specials for the first backers. You may not want to miss out on those.

We’re going to be sharing a lot more in the coming days and weeks on what Dino Run 2 will be, and as a kickstarter backer, you can have a part in that as well. Visit our Dino Run 2 Kickstarter page right now, choose your favorite reward tier, feel awesome! 🙂 Then share the page with your friends so they can be part of this and feel awesome too.

Dino Run 2 is going to be BEAUTIFUL and AMAZING!! Let us make pre-history together!



the Pixeljam Team.


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