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Hello Pixeljammers! It’s me, Alex, your trusty Firekeeper for Pixeljam. Wow what a crazy month we’ve had this last month. We launched our first iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch game: Glorkian Warrior: Trials of Glork. You may have seen it… or if you haven’t, you might have a problem if you are reading this considering it’s plastered on our site and we’ve been talking about it constantly for a bit now.

If you just started hearing about this project this year you may be wondering what’s going on with Pixeljam. Are we still making retro 8 bit games? Yes settle down retro gaming is still our core; who would pass up an opportunity to work with the amazing James Kochalka (especially on a super-fun video game with beautiful hand-drawn cartoon graphics)?

We still managed to keep our old-school gaming vibes bringing in super classic gameplay a la Galaga, Galaxian, Super Mario Bros., and Space Invaders. If you haven’t been able to play it you probably just don’t have an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, am I right? Well you Androids out there will have your time in the sun too, alas you must be patient (you too PC and Mac gamers out there).

Next on the Glorkian docket is our first content update. I’ve been instructed not to reveal anything yet as we’re not 100% solid on what is going to be included in this content update. I have to say though (just because I love our fans) that the drawings I’ve seen from Mr. Kochalka are pretty fantastic. More colorful comic book style loveliness must happen! We’ll see what that entails. If you have checked out before you may have seen the Glorkian Guide, and might have noticed this guy:


We’ve been teasing that guy for a while now, you just didn’t know it… I hope to reveal some more stuff for you in the coming days for that, as well as some details on the forthcoming chiptune accompaniment soundtrack release from our very own Mark Denardo.

That’s all the indie game news I’ve got for you today from Pixeljam folks. Stay tuned. Glork.

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