Nitrome Game Jam 2014: Ratmaze Nightmare!

Nitrome Game JamGame jams are always a fun way to quickly iterate on an idea. Internally we have had several game jams and pet projects that have turned into fully realized ideas. Potatoman Seeks the Troof was a pet project Miles started that turned into an amazing punishment platformer which we have taken to PC / Mac / Linux and Ouya. It’s since been Greenlit on Steam and we have a solid foundation to begin development for Android and iOS (for you iPad, iPhone, iPod touch fans out there).

We don’t always have the bandwidth for an external game jam, but we love the folks at Nitrome who are browser game champions. We started in the same space doing heaps of Flash-based browser games (Mountain Maniac, Retro Unicorn Attack, Corporate Climber among many others), and like Nitrome have moved into new spaces.

Some of their classics we recommend are Hot Air, Skywire, and Sandman. They have also made the move into Android and iOS with Icebreaker and Super Feed Me. If you are a fan of ours (which is why you are reading this dev blog) you need to check out the minimalistic pixel art games J-J-Jump and Flue which are part of their icon game collection, few enough pixels to fit the videogame in an icon.

When Nitrome contacted us to invite us to participate in their game jam, Rich and Jeffrey set aside some time to jam it out. It’s really amazing what can be completed in just one weeks time. You may have heard about Rami Ismail’s post at Gamasutra about short game creation cycles and how good they can be for developers. Jeffrey has been working with us for around four years now as an artist, and now he’s getting started on developing as well. This game was good to build up his game making chops. He worked closely with Rich for this entry into the Nitrome Game Jam.

The Game Jam

Here’s a quick play by of the game jam and how it went. Jeffrey and Rich hashed out a handful of ideas they had and tapped in to our idea box to pull out the most likely candidates for the jam. They really loved one they chose and after a day of working on it discovered it had too many unknown factors to be certain it would be the most fun they could create in one week. They then went on to their next top choice…. Ratmaze Nightmare!

Mark DeNardo was contacted for music and was keen on producing another track for Pixeljam’s earliest games series. We try to squeeze as many delicious tracks out of Mark as we can… mmm mmm good.

Ratmaze Nightmare Nitrome Game Jam Entry

So check it out, we may take this fantastic jam as it is right now (bugs and all), or use it later on and expand. You can play it just by doing the clicky thing to the image above. Click the comment link below and let us know what you think.

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