Corporate Climber: To The Depths

This article is part of Pixeljam’s 10 Year Anniversary MEGAMONTH, and we’re doing a semi-chronological retrospective on every one of our games each day of the week. You can read them all HERE.

Looking back on it now, we had lost our way during and after Hipster Kickball. I think we got so wrapped up in *producing* that we failed to step back and check that our body of work all fell in line with our original “manifesto”. And exactly what WAS that? Good question. We knew what it was, but I don’t think we ever wrote it out explicitly. Games like Mountain Maniac and Sausage Factory definitely fit in with what we originally aimed to achieve with Pixeljam, but unfortunately we could not say the same thing about *everything* we had made.

Our next game had to be different… something more in line with our original vision. We threw ideas around for a bit and finally decided on a sketch I had made about a man working his way up the corporate ladder:


For this project we hired Martin Wain to code the game in the Flixel framework. Rich and I created the level designs and Martin painstakingly recreated them in a tool he coded himself.

Here is the entire tower design. Get ready for it…


Most people may not know this, but the game is FILLED with secrets… some easy to find, and some are so obscure and complex that only a tiny fraction of players will ever see them. We loved this sort of thing, so we kind of went overboard.

polaroid_nude polaroid_devil polaroidWeddingTraditional

(Did you now you can get married? And married NAKED?)

I personally think this game is Rich’s masterpiece. He’s definitely created more iconic characters (like the yellow raptor or mountain maniac), but every time I look at one of the game’s stills I get a warm fuzzy feeling knowing that Pixeljam actually created something like this.

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by Miles Tilmann