Retro Unicorn Attack: Feel The Magic

This article is part of Pixeljam’s 10 Year Anniversary MEGAMONTH, and we’re doing a semi-chronological retrospective on every one of our games (almost) each day of the week. You can read them all HERE.

Before the production of Potatoman Seeks The Troof, Rich had made a mockup of an 8-bit-style Robot Unicorn Attack:


We sat on the image for about a year, and then suddenly it just seemed like a good time to show it to them… and what do you know, we got the green light to make an actual game out of it!

It’s worth noting that remaking an existing game is about 1000% easier than making a new game from scratch. This was our first remake and it was simply amazing how stress-free the whole process was. No need to iterate on game mechanics or design, no need to worry about scope creep, it was all there for us to (de)make over again.


The final art style, obviously superior to the original sketch.

Of course, we did eventually find a way to scope creep the whole thing, and we later released a “Challenge Edition” with some bonus levels that were never in the original. We just can’t leave well enough alone, it seems.

One of the highlights of this project was the opportunity to remake Erasure’s “Always” as well. Mark DeNardo and I worked together on the track and produced what I think is the definitive Commodore 64 version, kicking the snot out of all those other Commodore covers of Erasure that you see on the internet all the time.



by Miles Tilmann