A Steamy Halloween in Dino Land And A Dash Of Gasoline On Our Slowburn

Hello all! It’s time to talk about Dino Run again, and as usual there is LOTS to talk about…

Dino Run on Steam
After getting the game greenlit over 2 years ago, we FINALLY released Dino Run on STEAM. It’s worth noting that getting accepted to Steam was one of the major factors in our decision to start making updates to it in the first place, so it seems natural that Steamworks was a major focus of our first crowdfunding milestone.


Also we’ll be taking some of the Steam sales and putting them back into the crowdfunding campaign. Is it weird that we’re funding our own campaign? Well, it’s a horrible idea on Kickstarter/Indiegogo but in our case it’s a win/win situation for everyone: we made some extra money on Steam and we want to use it to help the campaign along. The alternative is to keep all the Steam sales for ourselves and not use them to improve the game, and that just seems… wrong. So, there you go.

Halloween Update
After we delivered on Milestone #1 we had some time before Milestone #2 was funded, and a growing feeling that the dinos really wanted some holiday-themed action. So, we used our own funds and made a major update to the game, adding a new HALLOWEEN HELLRUN Challenge and 5 new Multiplayer Zones to race in based on those same challenge levels. We also added some *spooky* new hats to unlock for beating the challenge on various difficulty levels.


This update is currently live on all version of the game (Steam / Humble) so check it out!

A Dash Of Gasoline From Dojo.com
One of the perks of rolling our own crowdfunding campaign is being able to allow other people or organizations to get involved in ways that typical campaigns aren’t built for. There’s a common reaction to high-priced reward tiers in crowdfunding, and it’s usually “yeah right, who’s actually going to do that”. Well, when the reward tier is “we’ll throw you a party at your house”, it’s a natural reaction! But if the reward is an actual partnership that benefits everyone involved in multiple ways, then it’s actually something worth getting involved in…


And so we announce our very first partner, DOJO. Bryce Fitzsimmons, aka the “main dude” at Dojo has been friends with us for a long time, and he even helped us make 2 games you haven’t even seen yet! (But now you have… HERE and HERE). He’s an all-around awesome guy with great ideas, and soon all those folks who just don’t have the bones to throw down for Dino Run DX will be able to play a free version of the game on Dojo.com that’s *quite nice*, if we do say so ourselves…

So, what’s next for us? Well, we’re going to start on Milestone #2 in earnest. It’s going to be the first update to the game that really expands what’s possible with the Dino Run universe, and we can’t wait to see what everyone will do with it. Hold on to your butts…


by Miles Tilmann | Click to Comment