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Potatoman Seeks the Troof


Our new potatosophical platforming adventure is out for MAC / PC / LINUX and is ready to be deep fried in various types of oil. Check out the official page for it, or just go right ahead and get the thing:

Dino Run SE Image

Dino Run SE

An expanded and improved version of the classic multiplayer racing game. New speedruns, new multiplayer maps, dedicated server for SE players, a new game mode, and lots of new HATS and dino colors. Plus the full soundtrack!

Potatoman Image



Every product we’ve ever sold (and a few we haven’t before) are available in a single bundle. Includes Potatoman Seeks the Troof + Soundtrack, Dino Run SE, Planeteri, Snowball, Marathon of Doom, Pixeljams Volume 1 and a few other bonuses.

Pixeljams Image

Pixel Jams Volume 1

A collection of new and used music from the Pixeljam team, plus some special guests. Music by Datasette, Mark DeNardo, Miles Tilmann, Dosh and Kate Simko.

Snowball Image


A winter-themed pinball adventure that rockets behemoth snow spheres through a bobsled maze of curves, paddles, and tesla coils…. bouncing off igloos, railcars, and wintery populations. Watch out for the campfire!

Planeteri Image


An album of deep ambient music by Pixeljam’s Miles Tilmann plus a unique visualization for each track, created by Pixeljam and Fernando Ramallo.

RUA Image

Retro Unicorn Attack

The massively popular Adult Swim endless runner gets re-imagined.