* * * Potatoman Seeks the Troof * * *

*** An Official Selection of INDIECADE 2013 ***

POTATOMAN SEEKS THE TROOF is a challenging and surreal platformer from PIXELJAM, the creators of DINO RUN and GAMMA BROS.

POTATOMAN will put your reflexes and worldview to the test as you journey thorugh dry deserts, dark forests, busy cities, the tallest mountains and ultimately through your own potato-consciousness in search of the ultimate answer. Are you prepared to face the TROOF?


  • Bone-breaking challenges and intriguing perspectives.

  • A unique story that will make you question everything you thought you knew about potatoes.

  • Squirrels! Vultures! Monkeys! MERKABAS!


"4/5" (Gamezebo)

"4/5" (LaserLemming)

"Potatoman will delight, surprise, and challenge you. I had so much fun playing through his little adventure, and I know I'll replay it many times in the future. And the ending is amazing! Definitely play all the way to the end."
~ James Kochalka - Creator of American Elf

"Potatoman is an awesome bite-sized platformer that is as fun as it is, well, insane."
~ Northernlion

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